I am in the process of setting up an official News Kit for my business website, jillremington.com, and it is anything but SIMPLE.

So, I created a beautiful but simple News Kit with most of the bells and whistles in a PDF format. It is a two-sided, fact filled, condensed overview of my company. It was created on Canva.com, which is a really cool site, where they have several templates to choose from. Some are free and some you can purchase. Being consistent with my branding, I selected the only Red one they had to match my branding. Take a look.

Looks pretty trendy and the effort was worth it…right? Thinking all I had to do now was a simple upload, and I would be finished. Guess again… more steps are required. What now? Formatting in PDF was recommended on the site, so I selected it when saving my press kit to my files. But all websites aren’t sensitive to uploading a PDF directly into your site. I thought since I didn’t want to be bothered with the FTP protocol transfer, maybe all I needed to do was to convert it to PNG format. Converting from a PDF to a PNG was a simple and mindless task with the cool converters online, but guess what? You lose really some better high-end resolution when you switch formats. My press kit above is shown in PGN format because I didn’t even want to deal with attaching the PDF version here at this point. It’s good enough for here, but it’s not the same as the high resolution of the PDF that I need on my luxury website.

Still I believe everyone can benefit from having one. Press Kits are highly important to your social media campaigns. If you want greater exposure, I recommend you place one on your site along with mega tags that Google and other search engines will pick up. You would be surprised what news outlet might be interested in your story. It’s also good to place it as a “Section Tab” because you can upload your press releases in the same place.

So tell me what you think, and I pray it goes easier for you knowing what to be on the lookout for before you get started. For me? Time to Spa Out!, and release the stress of another days work on the internet.

Ciao for now!