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Today we are going to discuss, “Best in Class” and what that actually means. I’m sure you heard it applied to many areas of life, and I’m sure you know the general meaning. At Jill H. Remington and Associates, It is a distinguished title that is given to a category of homes that meet our own internal guidelines.  First off, the property needs to be well maintained. It must be a showstopper in its class, and priced correctly with the current market. It would not qualify if it is an outstanding property with manicured grounds, but overpriced. When I worked as a managing international Broker for Merrill Lynch in Beverly Hills, luxury properties were pretty much all we handled. The thing about the Platinum Triangle, which comprises Beverly Hills, Bel Aire and Holmby Hills, was that many of the estates were distinguished by being formally named. For example, The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills, like, Graystone Estate, Saint Cloud Road, which was owned by Louis D. Mayer, Bellagio Road – Casa Encantada, and the list goes on and on.  It was a fun and rewarding experience working in Beverly Hills. We were located on Camden Drive, only one street over from the famous Rodeo Drive.  Seeing celebrities around the office was almost a weekly event. Harrison Ford, was very cute and extremely nice. He had a friend at Merrill Lynch and would regularly come into our office, and then they would go to lunch. I have to admit, one of my good friends at Merrill Lynch set me up on a blind  date with one of the producers from Happy Days!  We walked over to this cute little french bistro around the corner. The food was exceptional, but the company was nauseating. He was so full of himself.  I had to look like a deer in headlights. It was all about him. Couldn’t wait for that date to be over. Don’t you hate when that happens!   I also once dated a music composer, really nice guy, famous and very talented.  When we would go out to dinner, he would take the silverware and tap out different musical beats on our glasses. The restaurants in Beverly Hills knew him and enjoyed his creativeness.  They would often say, “Can we bring you more glasses? ” AHH…the good times!  Anyway, getting back to “Best In Class”, it leaves no exception or no stone unturned. It is the premiere title of the most worthy. The thing about” Best in Class” is they usually come with a backstory. Whether it is the property’s history, the architect who designed it or the owners’ who owned it. Properties that have a story always seem to get higher prices. Creating a backstory for your property can help you market your home and make it more appealing  to a broader market. The rich and famous label carries a higher price tag and of course, let’s face it, who you know makes a difference and who doesn’t love a good story. Please hop over to my blog at Birch Street dot blog and watch our video. Leave your comments and questions below, and we will be happy to respond.

Thank you, My best to you, Jill