It’s supposed to be hard, if it were easy everyone would do it.” -Jimmy Dugan, A League Of Their Own-

Looking back, I can honestly say, I learned a lot about publishing. It’s almost as nerve racking as writing HTML code by hand. I really didn’t understand what I would be in for when I started it. Over all, it went pretty well. But it does make me wonder if I had invested the same amount in Bitcoin, what would my profits be compared to, say, $5.00 a book on Amazon with no guaranteed sales? Hmm… Being much more expensive than I thought it would be, now, maybe I only have to sell a 100,000 books to make up for my total cash outlay. Just kidding, but my daughter did chuckle and said, “Mom, why don’t you just sell one of your listings?”…. Good question, but her question was not solicited nor enjoyed much by me. Still, there is something powerful about expressing your voice and knowledge through the written word. It is your mark in history. A period after your own name, if you will. My grandchildren, when they are old enough, can pull it down from the dusty shelves and read it. Maybe they can even get a sense about their grandmother’s creative style first hand.

It was a worldly adventure. I did find myself having to outsourcing some art work and formatting to Pakistan and Estonia, to save costs and get the technical support I needed. The difference in countries time zones compared to the United States made it slow, expensive and arduous. I had one page, page 5, that needed 37 corrections on just two sentences because of the language barrier. For example, apparently “Anthropologie” is not a common store in other countries. English terms we take for granted here in the states can be very foreign and strange to other cultures. It might as well have been written in Chinese symbols. After 37 revisions, extra revisions costs and hours of delay because of time zones, hopefully we finally got it right. Or did we…

I was so excited about the big day when my book would finally arrive. Today was the day, My Ring doorbell notified me someone was at the front door. I was expecting my books today, so I hurried to the door with great anticipation. There it was. The Amazon package that held my priceless books. Eagerly, I tore into the package to see my final work! Little did I know, that this package would throw me into a migraine in less than an hour. The outside was so cute and colorful. I was feeling very proud of my self. I scanned through the book and halfway through, my heart stopped! Oh no, I cried. Sheer terror filled me. In the middle of my precious book was someone else’s book on Beet Recipes. Can you believe it? Fear struck my heart because, you see, I had requested a few of my favorite clients to buy the book and give it a review on Amazon.

Beet Recipes

Oh My God! I kid you not. I turned 50 shades of pure white…what am I going to do now? Were my clients opening up their books to find the same thing? Talk about not being professional. Oh yea, buy my book on 5 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home and for FREE you will get a surprise perk of Beet Recipes in the middle! Panic set in, and I called Kindle Book Publishing like my life depended on it. Thank God they answered the phone. It was Eastern Standard Time, and I was pushing the 5 PM closing time, being in Arizona. They told me to send them pictures, which I did, and they immediately took action. I don’t know if this is one of the reasons that caused them to change publishing location, now in Las Vegas, Nevada, but when the new books’ came they were perfect.

I didn’t have the heart to call my clients. I noticed that no one at that point had left a review on Amazon, so maybe they were being very kind and didn’t want to say anything negative. So, I suggest you receive your published book and look through it prior to asking anyone you know to review it. I hope this helps. If you are listening to this on my podcast, then you can hop over to my blog at, Birch Street dot blog and take a look at Amazon’s mistake and the finished product. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Thank you. Jill