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Informational Video

Hi Everyone, As you can see from the time between my last post and this one, I have been very busy lately. Today I want to talk about making videos for yourself or your company. This one was a fun informational video I created to promote my real estate business. The key is to start with a good concept and put your best foot forward. Today, no one has time and the shorter they are, especially for social media, the better your chances are of having them watched.

First know where you are going and what you want to achieve. Then having a good portfolio of photographs to tell your story is a must. Next you need a good platform to build them on. I like to use Animoto because of its ease and I like the way they turned out. Plus they have a feature at the end that will help you place them on different social medias. Have a look and let me know what you think. It takes time to build and learn the platform but once you do it easy and fun too. You can select music of your choice from a pull down menu or even upload your own. I uploaded one for my new book promotion which I will add on another post. Once you create your masterpiece, upload it to your YouTube channel, and you will be good to go. You will build a fan base in no time. While you are there. Check out my channel, follow me and subscribe. Ready? Sure you are, go take a spin on Animoto or another video creator platform and let’s see what you can come up with. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to assist anyway I can.


I am in the process of setting up an official News Kit for my business website,, and it is anything but SIMPLE.

So, I created a beautiful but simple News Kit with most of the bells and whistles in a PDF format. It is a two-sided, fact filled, condensed overview of my company. It was created on, which is a really cool site, where they have several templates to choose from. Some are free and some you can purchase. Being consistent with my branding, I selected the only Red one they had to match my branding. Take a look.

Looks pretty trendy and the effort was worth it…right? Thinking all I had to do now was a simple upload, and I would be finished. Guess again… more steps are required. What now? Formatting in PDF was recommended on the site, so I selected it when saving my press kit to my files. But all websites aren’t sensitive to uploading a PDF directly into your site. I thought since I didn’t want to be bothered with the FTP protocol transfer, maybe all I needed to do was to convert it to PNG format. Converting from a PDF to a PNG was a simple and mindless task with the cool converters online, but guess what? You lose really some better high-end resolution when you switch formats. My press kit above is shown in PGN format because I didn’t even want to deal with attaching the PDF version here at this point. It’s good enough for here, but it’s not the same as the high resolution of the PDF that I need on my luxury website.

Still I believe everyone can benefit from having one. Press Kits are highly important to your social media campaigns. If you want greater exposure, I recommend you place one on your site along with mega tags that Google and other search engines will pick up. You would be surprised what news outlet might be interested in your story. It’s also good to place it as a “Section Tab” because you can upload your press releases in the same place.

So tell me what you think, and I pray it goes easier for you knowing what to be on the lookout for before you get started. For me? Time to Spa Out!, and release the stress of another days work on the internet.

Ciao for now!


What works for you?

Today we are going to discuss your Personal Best as it relates to your living space. When I first started designing for my cliental years ago, I wanted to make everything so beautiful and elegant for them. Because it was about the design right? Wrong!!! OMG…what was I thinking? It has always been my purpose and you might even say mission to over deliver on any client’s expectations by going the extra mile. The true element of surprise. I must say, I have been very fortunate that my clients over the years have loved my style and have given me their trust…carte blanche no less!

Be creative, be decisive, trust your process…

I actually started in interior design when I was only ten years old. I fully reimagining a small, dark and dated bathroom in my Aunts house. The transformation was astonishing. I started with a sledge hammer and ended it with a beautiful Brunschwig & Fils wall covering. From that day on, I knew my destiny was In architectural design.

First things first. Learning to listen…learning to actually hear what they were saying and more importantly what they were not saying! There is a certain responsibility and liability you must shoulder when you have the ability to influence other peoples decisions. After all, it’s their lives that will continue to live with your influence long after you have wrapped up their design job.

Listen…what do you really hear?

Collaborating with hundreds of private clients over the years has proved to be a great path of tremendous soul growth for me and hopefully for them as well. Anyone can come forth with a design but to capture their souls influence in your design gives them a platform for true inner joy and that is self sustaining.

I will write a book someday about all the stories, situations and events I have personally witness in dealings with the pubic. I’m sure, some would be as shocked reading about what happened as I was when I was experiencing it first hand.

But for now, here is my point about your Personal Best If you have a room(s) in your home, casitas, garage or whatever and it doesn’t fit your personal best…change it to reflect what would make you the most happy. Doesn’t really matter what it was built for, only matters if you can make it into a space that reflects and allows your Personal Best to come to fruition. Life is way to short and your current happiness and state of being is the most important thing you can give yourself and others.

Make it yours!

For instance, say you have a large, high vaulted, open space that is very pretty but never gets used. The light is amazing and unless someone is in there cleaning it, it might as well be wasted space. You on the other hand are a highly creative individual and it would make an incredible space for you to be creative in. Reimagine the same room to turn into a dream come true for you. You can always change it back to a conventional room if you want to sell your home. Walk your living space with a fresh pair of eyes! What do you see, what could be?

Even the simplest of things can be so rewarding! Orson Wells said, “I have the simplest of taste, I am always satisfied with the best!”

So…what is your personal best? Be creative, be honest and deliver happiness to yourself! Share your personal Best with us below!

Could this time be any crazier? I don’t think so but you never know. My favorite thing right now is online shopping! I never thought I would be so addicted to JTV in the wee hours of a sleepless night! Time to take pause and turn my nervous anxiety to something cheaper! Please tell me how COVID has changed your shopping habits. Perhaps forming a support group about addictive online shopping during Covid is just what Dr. Phil would order. You can only watch so much of 1000 Pound Sisters before the remote almost automatically turns to any online shopping channel!

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