But hindsight is! Right now…Crypto currency is paving the way for a new monetary system world wide. You don’t have to invest in Bitcoin, which is considered the gold standard of crypto currencies, but you should research and start making some investments in crypto coins before you are left behind. Two things to consider. First, don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose even if it’s just $5.00. Secondly, Be smart and do your own research. It’s your money and no one has more to lose than you. Do your own due diligence and when you feel good about it…jump! Protect yourself like you are protecting a child. The market is flooded with many different coins right now and not every coin will be a winner. The lower rated coins will get hit hard and you could lose your entire investment. Weiss Ratings is an excellent online rating service for most of the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was rated B+ as of a few days ago. Check the ratings of your coins before you plunge into the crypto market especially if you are a new investor.

Birch Street – Crypto Chicks 2021

It’s funny, As I drop off my granddaughters, ages 5 and 8, at school each morning, we talk about, Bitcoin B+, Etherum A-, Litecoin B- , Polkadot C+ (their favorite), Yearn.financial, Chainlink, Dash C+, Cardano B+, Maker, Graph and various other coins. The girls are very astute for their ages and already want to make their money work for them. What an advantage they have but it’s never to late…yet!

Seriously, women are often the last to hear about finances and investments strategies to make them wealthy and that needs to change. Even if you only have a small amount to invest, I recommend you take the initiative to start investing now. STASH App has a program where you can start investing with just $5.00 and doesn’t have the higher hidden fees…or troubles like Robin Hood. I started years ago on Stash with $5.00 and transferred my investments over to Charles Schwab after the $5,000 mark.

Birch Street – Crypto Chicks 2021

It’s very easy to get started but you must get started. Download any United States based crypto app like Coinbase for United Stated Citizens or any international crypto App in your own country for international readers. If you already have an investment brokerage account you can buy stocks in cryptocurrencies directly from your account. Remember, don’t invest anymore then you afford to lose. Be part of the Smart “Birch Street – Crypto Chicks “ and let’s smile all the way to our banks! Let me know which Crypto you are buying, what country you are from, which app is your preferred app and if you decide to invest. We can put up a Birch Street Crypto poll in the near future and watch our investments grow. Oh… and when you are doing your research be sure to research cold storage for your investments to protect your assets. I use Ledger Nano X but their are other brands to consider.

Mark it down…Birch Street – Crypto Chicks! 2021.